Wooden Fencing

Minton Sheds and Fencing manufactures a wide range of fencing panels including overlap, closeboard and Pickett and trellis. Our workshop means that we can manufacture  overlap, closeboard and trellis panel to your requirements. This includes special one-off designs.  We can make up bespoke end panels at special widths to complete your fence. We supply two treatmenst of fence panels. Our top of the range panels are pressure treated giving longer protection against rot. Our budget range is dip treated dark brown.

We supply feather edge boards. The feather edge boards are pressure treated for durability . Feather edge board fencing is a tradition style of fencing used in gardens where there may be a slope or changes in ground levels.

Wooden posts are used for supporting fences. Wooden posts are pressure treated timber to ensure durability. We supply quality wooden posts for gates, these are also fully tanalised providing protection against rot.

Wood gravel boards are used to keep soil or gravel back. The wooden gravel boards are sawn on all sides and pressure-treated for longer life. The wooden gravel boards are treated to resist fungal and insect attack.

Trellis gives a great decorative finish to your fence and is ideal for use with climbing plants. Trellis can be used as a topping or as a screen. Trellis can also be attached to a wall or existing fence or structure to provide support for growing plants. The trellis is treated for durability.

Pickett fencing is a low wooden fence used to show the boundary of land, where privacy is not an issue. Pickett fencing can improve the appearance of your property, keeping children and pets from busy roads. Pickett fencing can be supplied in pre-made panels or as separate items.  Treated to  prolong its life, pickett fencing can also be painted to  compliment the rest of your property.

Concrete fence posts

We stock high quality strong concrete products. The finish is smooth and light grey in appearance. A feature of our concrete posts is that they are double ended. So that you have a choice of detail the top of your post. We stock 3 way posts that are useful of the corner of adjoining fences.

Our concrete posts are wet cast, with steel reinforcing. These concrete fence posts are suitable for domestic panel fencing. Concrete fence posts are the long lasting alternative to timber. Each concrete fence post has four internal steel reinforcing bars. Concrete fence posts provide strength and durability to garden fencing. Unlike timber posts, concrete posts do not rot in the ground.

Concrete gravel boards are used to retain soil or gravel. They also help protect and extend the life of wooden fencing.  Concrete gravel boards are available in 2 depths and with three face types. Concrete gravel boards are strong, durable and long lasting. Concrete gravel boards fit our concrete fence posts and slide into place using the slotted fence posts. The concrete gravel board prevents the timber rotting from contact with the ground. Concrete gravel boards can be built up one on top of another to form a solid panel fence. The concrete gravel boards are steel reinforced so they are strong and long lasting.

Concrete repair spurs are used for repairing wooden fence posts, bolts supplied separately.  Concrete repair spurs, sometimes called ‘godfathers’, are dug in next to the fence post and bolted into place. The concrete repair spurs are concreted into place, and extend the life of the fence.

Bespoke fencing

Fence panels come in many designs and heights.  Fencing can be simply to mark the boundary of a property or an attractive feature of a garden, designed to compliment planting and the property. We can manufacture panels in various styles including;

Hit and Miss fencing

Hit and Miss fencing takes its name for the arrangement of the wooden ruff sawn pales on the panels.  Hit and miss fencing has the pales fixed alternately on the front and the back of the fence panel in turn. With a small overlap between the pales , it creates a hit and miss pattern.

Hit and miss panels ensure that both you and your neighbour have a same fence design, as both sides are the same.  Hit and miss panels can be installed using our slotted concrete posts.

Hit and miss panels are be either designed to the vertical, horizontal or chevron in design. These hit and miss panels  allow some wind to pass through them and provide less win resistance than tradition fencing panels. We can also provide matching gates.

Wooden Palisade with Rounded Pales

A very traditional fence, suitable where privacy is not an issue. Used in windy areas where wind resistance is a problem.  A good option for open areas such a children’s play areas so that the while area can be clearly visible.  

Galvanised steel fence post

We can supply steel posts suitable to all fencing types. They are long lasting, light weight and easy to handle.

Sundries postcrete and footings

We supply fast setting concrete suitable for footing on all fence types. This fast setting concrete will hold the fence post steady within a matter of minutes.


We hold a stock of nails and other fixings  plus all the gates hanfng items such as hinges, latches and drop bolts.


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