Here are some tips of planning your garden fence project;


Tip one

Measure out your fence line, and make a note of it.

Our fencing panels are 6’ (or 1.8m) wide

Divide this distance by either 6 if you are working in imperial or 1.8 if you are working in meters.

This will give you the number of fencing panels you require. Any factions will mean that you require a short panel to complete the fence line, don’t worry we can help you with this too by making up a bespoke panel to completed your fence.


Tip two

You will need an extra post or wall plate (if your fence started from your property) to start the fence line.  Unless you are continuing from your existing fence.


So remember that panels + one = number of posts


Tip Three

When digging in your garden be aware that there may be underground services such and water pipes and electricity cables. If in doubt contact the water and electricity company, they can provide you with drawings (there may be a charge for this). Our professional installation service can overcome this risk for you; ask our customer services team for more details.


Tip Four

Have you tried our Postcrete for your footings? Postcrete is a quick and simple product to use. Usually 2 bags per footing will be enough, but there are simple instructions of the bag that will allow you to estimate the how much you need. The footing sizes will depend on the height and construction of your fence. We can provide you with a datasheet for this product if you require one.


Tip Five

Using a string line mark out the desired height of the fence, set your posts to this height, ensure that the string line is taught.


Tip Six

Measure out the next hole by placing the fence panel or rail next to the first post. Don’t dig too many out in front of you as a small error can by multiplied over 3 or 4 posts and you will find that the post holes are in the wrong place.


Tip Seven

Forget the above and ask about our free estimating and installation service, let us take the hassle out of your garden improvement project.