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Postmix20kg Bag

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Postmix is specially designed and formulated to make fixing posts quick and easy.
The factory blended, high quality concrete is the ideal solution for all post erecting applications.

Postmix is specifically designed for securing fence posts (concrete, timber, metal and plastic), gates, washing line poles, rotary washing lines, fence support posts, bird tables / feeders, children's play equipment, etc.

For best results follow these instructions:

1) Dig hole to correct depth and width relevant to post size (see table on reverse).

2) Fill hole with water to a third of the depth.

3) Pour in Postmix evenly around post until no standing water is visible (powder completely covers the water surface). Sprinkle water on top of powder.

4) Position and level post as required. Setting will take place in 5 to 10 minutes.

5) When set, cover top of hole with soil or grass.

Do not mix Postcrete with water by hand or machine.